Portable overlay welding machine “Sarmat НК 750”

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Portable overlay welding machine “Sarmat НК 750” is used for repairing of worn out holes.
In order to eliminate ellipse it is necessary to use boring machine and then carry out overlay welding. And just at this stage it s required to use overlay welding machine. As distinguished from the portable machine “Sarmat НК 450”, this machine performs not only internal overlay welding, but also external overlay welding.
One year warranty.
When choosing machines manufactured by our company, be sure that:
  • we will send you a ready-to-work machine in a complete configuration with a full set of plates and cutters
  • we will modify the machine according to your needs and demands within a short time frame (up to 3 days)
  • we will send the machine in a timely manner as all our equipment is available from the warehouse
  • we will offer you the opportunity to choose any payment methods of your convenience.
  • the machine comes with one-year warranty and post-warranty maintenance
  • we will provide you with free training evidenced by the certificate
  • we will consult you for free within the entire period of cooperation

Application fields of the portable overlay welding machine “Sarmat НК 750”: >
  • restoration of seats for gearbox bearing cages, bedplates and other housings;
  • repairing of worn out straight holes of road-building equipment, quarry machinery, mining vehicles, utility machinery and equipment;
  • repairing of worn out straight holes of rolling mills and conveyors at the enterprises of heavy and metallurgical industry;
  • repairing of worn out straight holes of equipment used for extraction, processing and transportation of raw hydrocarbons (oil, gas and their fractions);
  • repairing of units of hydraulic engineering structures (units of canal locks, drawbridges, etc.).

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