Company Overview

The “Sarmat” company was founded in 2009 in Izhevsk, Russia. For the first time the business area of our company was selling tools for metalworking, and then we got busy on supplying equipment for metalworking enterprises and started our own manufacturing site for mechanical tooling.

Since 2016, the main activity of the company has been the manufacturing the portable boring and overlay welding machines for the repairing of worn-out holes in special-purpose equipment and vehicles.

Portable machine tools manufactured by “Sarmat” company are used in many areas, from farming industry and road-building machinery to marine and inland water transport. Their use allows to save time and money on equipment overhaul and repairs.

The equipment is manufactured by means of high-precision computer numerical controlled machines and undergoes pre-delivery inspection at our own manufacturing site with the area of about 500 sq. m.

Machines manufactured by “Sarmat” company are delivered throughout Russia and neighboring countries.

In 2020, we developed and patented a mobile application for wireless control of machines through a pad or smartphone in a real time mode using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.

The company employs about 30 people on a regular basis. We are proud of design engineering department. Every single product engineer in our company has 2 patents for invention.

In addition to the manufacturing the machine tools, we provide services for the repairing of worn out holes and metalworking on the computer numerical controlled machines. In 2017 we purchased tool-grinding and machine optical profile-grinding machines and developed a new business area – qualified tool grinding.

Awards and diplomas:

In 2017 portable boring machines by “Sarmat” company were presented at the «Industry Leader» competition in Moscow and received the 1st degree laureate diploma in the nomination «Machine tool engineering»

In 2017 portable boring machines by “Sarmat” company were presented at the exhibition «Mechanical Engineering. Metalworking» in Kazan and received the diploma of 1st degree as the best product of the exhibitions in the nomination «Equipment and solutions that make it possible to reduce operating costs and/or adverse environmental impact throughout the life cycle when implemented».

In 2017 at the VII Ural Mining industry Forum in Yekaterinburg Production-Commercial Company Sarmat LLC received a laureate diploma in the nomination «Technics. Equipment. Tools» for the development, manufacturing and skilful promotion of the portable boring machine “Pioneer”.

In 2020 “Sarmat” company became the winner of the 5th stream of the Business Accelerator of the Udmurt Republic.

Certificates and diplomas

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Donvard Factory
Russian Railways
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